Your Hood 1

Somebody's Hood

Your Hood is a customisable place in Empire City where your mob's main base is. You can freely add or demolish buildings, accessories and terrain, or change the name of Your Hood. Your hood is your main source of income in Money, and Steel. Energy can be obtained by building a Coffee Shop, Gym or other similar buildings as well.

You can attack and rob other rivals' hood by choosing the Fight Rivals icon at the right bottom corner of the screen. By this way, you can earn increase your money and gain more respect.

You can also use it to house money, defence, and aesthetic Buildings. You can also invade other player's hoods to be able to steal from their buildings or to fight them for money.

Mafia MembersEdit

The more mafia members you have, the stronger you are. This will increase the chance of winning fights in arenas. When visiting your hood on a daily basis, you gain a free amount of Money, Steel and Diamonds. There are three ways to increase the number of mafia members.

1. Accomplishing the Mastery Level (Level 5) of a territory (Canal Street, Docks...) will result in one more member in addition.

2. Inviting other Mafia.

3. In some goals the reward is an extra mafia member

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