Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

Today I will be working to complete and create more pages as well as touch up some pages to give them a crisp new look. You may have noticed that I have played around with a few things here on the wiki to get it ready for the mass of people joining the wiki in a few months. You can read my welcome post by clicking here. Now you all know that we like to have fun once in a while so I will be blogging here everyday I get a chance to let you know what me and the Crime City Wiki is up to. We are continuing to look for your help to make this the best wiki ever. Im doing everything I can to make this wiki a fun place to be. Please be sure to always give me your feedback on how we can make the Crime City Wiki even better. I will see you all later until then Happy Editing!

thumb|300px|right|Our Song by Taylor Swift

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