Police Chief O'Malley is the third boss in Crime City

Details Edit

He is the Chief of the New York Police his base is located in Ellis Island. After you complete the goal sniff out O'Malley you can battle him in O'Malley's Beat. O'Malley is one of the most strongest bosses and is much stronger the Eddie Sato you really need to build up your mafia if you wish to take him down.

Boss Info Edit

Hp: 500,000 Time: 9 day's Location: O'Malley's Beat

Area Mastery Edit

Area Mastery Level 1: Reward 6,000 Dollars 12 Respect 20 Experience

Items Edit

One you defeat him you will have a chance to collect the following items Rare Police Cheif Vest (Type:Armor Attack:14 Defense:33) O'malley's Shotgun (Type:Weapon Attack:27 Defense:19) Cheif's Town Car (Type:Vehicle Attack:22 Defense:45) Mafia X4

Uncommon Mafia X1 O'Malley's 38 Spider (Type:Weapon Attack:20 Defense:18) Police Cheif's Riot Helmet (Type:Armor Attack:12 Defense:27) Police Riot Truck (Type:Vehicle Attack:21 Defense:17)

Common Riot Batton (Type:Weapon Attack:14 Defense:17) Police Magnum (Type:Weapon Attack:18 Defense:14) Search Gloves: (Type:Armor Attack:11 Defense:20)

Trivia Edit

  • So far O'Malley Is the only boss to work in the Service

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