Jimmy The Gooch is the first boss in crime city

Details Edit

He is the leader of the Gooch Biker Gang his base of operations is located at the docks. After completing the mission find Jimmy the Grooch you can battle him in Gooch's alley. Jimmy the Gooch is the weakest boss he has only 1,000 Hp even a beginner can take him down in a few hours.

Boss Info Edit

Hp: 1,000 Time: 3 day's Location: Gooch's Alley

Area Mastery Edit

Area Mastery Level 1: Reward 1,000 Dollars 10 Respect 10 Experience

Area Mastery Level 2: Reward 1,250 Dollars 10 Respect 10 Experience

Items Edit

Once you defeat Jimmy the Gooch you will have a chance to collect these Items.

Rare Gooch's Roaster (Type:Weapon Attack:12 Defense:5) Gooch's Chooper (Type:Vehicle Attack:6 Defense:5) Gooch's Escape (Type:Vehicle Attack:15 Defense:9)

Uncommon Gooch's Shotgun (Type:Weapon Attack:8 Defense:5) Gooch's Pistol (Type:Weapon: Attack:6 Defense:7) Gooch Stalkers (Type:Armor Attack:6 Defense:7)

Common Gooch's Backstabber (Type:Weapon Attack:6 Defense:3) Gooch's Trench Coat (Type:Armor Attack:4 Defense:6) Gooch's Sprayer (Type:Weapon Attack:5 Defense:4)

Trivia Edit

  • Gooch may be spying on women as two of his items are made for stalking.

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