group event is when we are faced against another syn. for points the higher the points win the battle .

facing other synidcate there starting battle is wall and leader

facing the synicate boss has to be killed before the other members can attack other ppl in syn.

Tips and TricksEdit

Alway have your strongest person attack boss .

knocking down wall awards double points on all hits afterward

losing a battle get group no points so if you lose first battle  it is pointless to keep attacking same person switch it up

posting stats on who u hit on forums  allows lower lvl ppl know who the can win  which equals more points

the more ppl the merrier

if you can not beat up anyone attack headquarter it will give you points instead of zero

regen is at 1% per minute so in a battle u can attack 4 times and the 2 more at end if u do it in first 10 mins

with regen of 1% per minute starting battles babck to back is pointless since everyone energy is drained

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