Fight Rivals is a systems activated by choosing the "Fight Rivals" icon at the bottom of the screen.
Fight Rivals 1

The icon and description

By clicking on it you are presented with a screen which shows random people across the world. However, to show up they must have the following conditions:
  • They must NOT be a Facebook Friend.
  • They must NOT be part of Your Mafia.
  • They MUST be of the same level as you.
  • They MUST be a player of Crime City


You can fight the player you chose after you click on their avatar. This cost 25 energy, but it can vary depending on how much mafia both combatants have, and their level.
Fight Rivals 2

Rival Selection screen

Fight Rivals 3

Results of a fight


You can rob buildings that your rival has not collected money from yet. The only buildings you cannot rob from is the steel mill and the bank.


If a rival gets revenge and attacks Your Hood, (s)he will be shown walking around your hood for a week until you get revenge on them. This does not cost any energy.