Epic Bosses are one of Crime City's event where you have to fight weekly bosses.

The higher the level boss, the higher the chances are to get rarer items.

  • Every 25 kills allows you to move up on the weapon tier. For example, on the first tier you have your common, uncommon, and rare. When you enter into your 2nd tier, your weapon tier will now be: uncommon, rare, super-rare.
  • It stops when you reach into the legendary loot area as its highest. 
  • The weapon tier goes like this (ascending order): Common --> Uncommon --> Rare --> Super Rare --> Epic --> Legendary.
  • Verifying the amount of kills to reach each tier and checking the maximum tier we can reach.*
    • Still thinking it stops once you reached the minimal 4th tier: super-rare, epic, legendary.

Initiating a Boss Edit

Epic Bosses are random fight opportunities that occur when fighting other rivals (attacking them directly or robbing their buildings) or completing jobs. Doing these two activities have a chance of initiating an Epic Boss Fight.

Attacking the BossEdit

The 3 attacks are:

  • Free Attacks = does 80% of damage. Costs no money.
  • Money Attacks = does 100% attack damage. The amount of money needed for a money attack depends on the boss's level.
  • Gold Attacks = does 120% damage to boss.

Each attack takes 25% health from you ; it heals 1% per minute


When you first begin. attack the boss 3 times and wait a few minutes to get your health to above 25%, then attack twice; you will die and have to wait for least 25 minutes.

  • Note: Wait for 27 minutes to have 2% health so you can launch one more attack.

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