Eddie sato is the second boss in crime city.

Details Edit

He is the leader of the Yakuza their base of operations is located in chinatown. After you defeat shadown leo and collect two bamboo mahjonge Tiles you can battle him in the Yakuza secret warehouse. Eddie Sato is the second weakest boss and he has 300,000 Hp and is much stronger than jimmy the grouch so you must build up your mafia in order to take him down.

Boss Info Edit

HP: 300,000 Time: 3 days Location: Secret Yakuza Warhouse

Area Mastery Edit

Area Mastery Level 1: Reward 4,000 Dollars 10 Respect 15 Experience

Items Edit

Once you defeat him you will have a chance to collect the following items.

Rare Sato Samurai Armor (Type:Armor Attack:17 Defense:18) Tokyo Custom Cosmic (Type:Vehicle Attack:22 Defense:16) Yakuza Katana (Type:Weapon Attack:28 Defense:17) Mafis X5

Uncommon Samurai Mask (Type:Armor Attack:10 Defense:14) Sato Road Rocker (Type:Vehicle Attack:14 Defense:13) Yakuza SMG (Type:Weapon Attack:16 Defense:9) Mafia X1

Common True Balance Sandals (Type:Armor Attack:7 Defense:12) Yakuza Throwing Knifes (Type:Weapon Attack:11 Defense:9) Yakuza Tanto (Type:Weapon Attack:12 Defense:10)

Trivia Edit

  • Eddie Sato appears on the Add for crime city on anroid. In this add he is holding a black android phone with the loading screen for crime city and .50 Autoloader
  • Eddie Sato has several Japanese tattoos on his body
  • Eddie Sato may be working with the Triads as his base of operations is located in chinatown