Crime City is available for play on Google+.






Your character has four skills which can be increased whenever you gain skill points. Skill points are gained from leveling (3 skill points awarded) and from reaching rank 5 mastery in an Area (1 skill point awarded).


"Increases your attack to improve your chances when fighting rivals." Ths skill begins at a level 10 for new characters. Each skill point spent on Attack incrases your skill by one.


"Increase your defense to better fend off rival attackers." Ths skill begins at a level 10 for new characters. Each skill point spent on Defense incrases your skill by one.


"Increase your max energy to do more jobs. (1 skill point = 10 energy)" You begin the game with XXX Energy. As the description states, spending one skill point on Energy increases your pool by 10.


"Increase your stamina to do more fights and robberies. (2 skill points = 1 stamina)" You begin the game with 5 Stamina points. In order to increase Stamina, you must spend two skill points for a single increase.


The Inventory tab allows you to examine your mob's weapons, armor, vehicles and other items. You can filter the view of your inventory by selecting one of the four item class names. Each item has a name, picture, and statistics on the bonus to Attack and Defense that they provide (if any).


Other players can leave you comments when they visit, attack, or rob you or your Hood.

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