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What is Crime City?

Crime City is a game available to play on Facebook, iOS, and Android by developer GREE. In Crime City you can join the mafia and complete job after job, no matter how odd or underhanded: Shake down and fight your neighbors, steal valuable loot, whack the competition, or start a mob turf war. You can also fight weekly Epic Bosses and battle it out in tournaments for valuable rewards!


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  • edit Canuckles
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  • new page Drago Fiamma
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    New page: Drago Fiamma (translated as "Dragon Flame" in Italian) is raid boss found in the Shoreline Shootout event. Appearance Edit Drago Fiamma takes the...
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  • new page Canuckles
    created by SpiderCollider
    New page: Canuckles is one of the Raid Bosses found in Crime City. He takes the form of a psychotic hockey player who shows no part of his body, all covered in...
  • new page Captain Metzler
    created by SpiderCollider
    New page: Captain Metzler is a raid boss. He takes the form of a corrupted army captain.
  • new page Shoreline Shootout
    created by SpiderCollider
    New page: Shoreline Shootout is one of the many district event that require many different events to be taken control of in Battle For Empire City! Master...
  • new page Raid Bosses
    created by SpiderCollider
    New page: Raid Bosses are Syndicate summoned bosses that require Uzis to be summoned. The amount of Uzis needed to summon these tough enemies depends on the...

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